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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One Final Link...

Hello my lovelies,

I just wanted to leave you with one final link and a giant great big thank you to everyone who's stopped by over the years. 

You've given me joy, strength, and inspiration in equal measure. Stay cool.

Here's the link... What are we Mastering?

Giant hugs.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Four Year Anniversary - TIME CAPSULE TIME!


Can you believe that another year has clicked by? It's been four years to the day that I started this little blog about my journey on the Tracy Anderson Method. Incredible.

And last year, I followed the lead of another blogger and came up with the plan to create a Tiny TAM Time Capsule and encouraged you to put in your comments, thoughts, hopes and desires for where you'd be a year from that day.

You can read that post HERE!

What can I say, it was indeed a fantastic year. Did it come without hiccups? No. Did it have both ups and downs? Hellz yeah! Did I do everything I set out to? Um not exactly. I will admit that my TAM time capsule post was a bit fanciful.

I predicted that I'd be well into year three Continuity, in fact having one on one classes with Stacey and Maria while hanging out with Tracy and GP at the wrap party of my second film, among other things. No one can accuse me of not dreaming or having a wild imagination. Got that in spades.

So how did the year shape up?

I stopped and started Year Three a number of times and in the end had to go with my gut instinct and stop. The workouts were a little too long and complicated for a simple girl like me. I did go on to order Glutecentric of Metamorphosis and have thus far made it to level 5 (then I got the mutha of all colds last month and am only now making my recovery). 

Do I still believe in Tracy and the Method? You bet your ass I do. I swear by her work and the content she creates. Remember, I have never met her. I do not get anything from endorsing her. My body is my only proof and the woman still makes me work hard no matter what level, what centric, or what workout I'm doing of her Method.

Do I get up at 6am everyday to get my workout in? Um, not so much. Am I craving cardio? Yeah, not! But I have grown more fond of it and have taken to learning some of the choreographed dances and I'm okay with that.

Am I at my ideal weight? No. But I still fit (most days) into my skinny-ish jeans.

My diet will forever and for always give me the most trouble. I drink too much coffee, love my bread and cheese and cannot quite permanently keep off the sugar. Crap!

As for my career? There isn't a wrap party for the second film as yet, but I do have a film moving forward and with any luck, we'll shoot it next summer. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I've also just developed a one-hour serialized TV show that I'll be shopping very soon and I am so jazzed about it.

The film I did make continues to screen at many festivals world-wide - here is the film's star Cara Gee and me at a festival early this year.

Funny enough, and totally unexpected, I won Canada's Oscar, the Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Screenplay. Like wowzers! Blown away.

You can download the film on iTunes and Vimeo if you're curious. It's called Empire of Dirt - like the line from the Johnny Cash tune Hurt.

How did you make out this last year? Were your eating habits cleaner? Did you workout more? Harder? More efficiently? Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself?

We don't always achieve everything we want to, but my dad always says, if you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time. I would encourage you to go for something this year. September is a fantastic time to shoot for a new star. Stretch a little farther, reach a little higher, be a little braver. You only live once.

What does the next year look like? Who can predict? But I do know that it's time for a change. Time for me to try something else. With that in mind my lovelies, the moment has arrived to bid you adieu.

Please take a glance at my FAREWELL PAGE and see what four years on the Method looks like. I so love and appreciate each and every one of you who has stopped by over the years. You've truly touched my life in ways you'll never know. Take care of yourselves and keep in touch.

Big hugs.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Serenity... and Matcha

Hello lovelies,
It's September and you know what that means?! Back to school. Back to work. Back into our fall routines before the holiday season hits... but it also means we need a new virtue for the month. I'll admit, it was a tough choice.

If you read my last post you know that I sorta struggle with these monthly virtues, to the point where I'm starting to wonder, do I really want to be a better person? Am I not "good" enough already

Sadly on the path to self-improvement there is always more work to be done. Drat! As mentioned previously, I seem to get slammed with the opposite of what I choose even though I've been working to release myself from attracting more of the same. July's Celebration brought lots of deadlines and work, August's Vitality heaped on the illness and exhaustion. So I was definitely ready to practice poverty this month... he he he... my evil little inner voice was coaching me to do it! Still, the better half of me won out and I've chosen a more appropriate virtue for September.

I like to meditate. Most of the time I truly need to quiet my monkey mind and every so often Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra do an online 21 day meditation. So again this past month I participated. The focus was on happiness and one of the more recent meditations focused on Serenity. The meditation was lovely.  I thought to myself, that sounds nice. Serene. Om. I like it. Lets look into it. So I did.

Serenity. Noun. A disposition free from stress or emotion.
Hmm, that might be tricky.

Serenity. Noun. The absence of mental stress or anxiety.
Yikes, that definition actually makes me anxious.

Serenity. Noun. The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

The truth of the matter is that I am often stressed. Like way stressed. So much so that I can literally make myself sick.  I worry, I get anxious, hell I am downright emotional!

Serenity it is, people. Bring it!

The way I look at it is that I am already the opposite of everything serene so perhaps I will finally have a virtue that straightens me out for once! (And secretly, I am going to practice poverty and laugh all the way to the bank if my theory holds true.)

However, I have decided not to go into this unarmed! This month, I got me some tools. I'll carry on with my meditation because that can't hurt. I'm also going to take a long weekend next week and road-trip into the mountains with my boys. Keep an eye on INSTAGRAM for what will hopefully have some great "serene" photos, and I am going to drink lots and lots... 

of Matcha. 

What did you think I was going to say? That I was just going to be drunk for September? Not a bad plan but not what we're after here folks. Keep up!

Matcha, it's my latest addiction and I have been wanting to share it with you for ages. How many of you are already all over this? Do you love it?

Previously, I've written about the virtues of green tea, matcha is green tea in technicolor, literally.

Look at that. Isn't it beautiful? It's gorgeous. It's ceremonial. It's calming. It's good for us!

Anyway, the reason it's more powerful than green tea, is because you are not simply running hot water through the tea leaves and drinking the result, Matcha is actually made up of the whole leaf and you you are ingesting the entire thing. I won't go into the details of how the green tea leaves are prepared for matcha, it's a long process that isn't really within the scope of this post. But if you're interested, there are many great sites online that can tell you.

In fact, here is a LINK that will tell you all the wonderful things Matcha is know for, like its antioxidant power, its cancer fighting properties, mood enhancement, it's loaded with minerals, it fights bacteria, and on it goes. Please check it out.

I am not trying to sell you on this, but I do have to share my recent experience with it.

In Canada we have a wonderful Tea Shop called David's Tea. They offer a wide range of loose leaf teas of every color, flavor and variety. There I found my favorite green tea and promptly got He who shall not be named addicted. I couldn't keep up with his appetites for the tea and eventually had to send him there on his own. He spent an absolute fortune and came home with a huge bag full of every sort of tea, black teas from Africa, herbal teas from China, India and Sri Lanka... and you guessed it, he had a matcha from Japan.

It was so green, I was curious. So I tasted it. I wasn't convinced. But it was so green. I like green. Eventually he made me my own cup so I'd stop pestering him for sips of his.

Again, I wasn't entirely sold on the taste, but within about 30 minutes of finishing, I was hooked! I can't explain it without sounding like a madwoman, but I'll try. I felt awake. But not in a caffeine crazy kind of way. I have to have decaf everything because I get gittery and come un-glued when I drink caffeine. But ooooooooooh matcha. I was awake and calm. And my body felt good. Some of those constant aches and pains felt farther away. I just felt all-over well.

It had to be a one-off, right? Like a first drunk or first kiss. So the next day I had another cup. Same thing. I was like, wow I remember how great it felt to be 25. However the true test came when I was feeling under the weather. 

I'd been in bed for almost a week and really needed to get back to work. So, with a skeptical mind, I made a cup of matcha, drank it, and waited. Within a half-hour I felt noticeably better. My head was clearer, I felt more steady on my feet. Sadly, the virus was more powerful and within an hour I was right back in bed. But still, it's got something going on. There's a reason those Japanese monks used it for meditation. If it's good enough for the sages and saints, it's good enough for lil old me.

So serenity, look out! Here I come. Me, my meditation, my matcha and that little thing called the Serenity prayer.

I hope that you'll join me in surrendering to serenity or that you'll share your month's virtue here. Look out September, here we come!