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Monday, December 5, 2016


For now, for today, there is victory.

Thank you to the water protectors, the warriors, the activists, our heroes for Mother Earth! Chi Meegwetch.

We are the champions my friends, and we'll keep on fighting 'till the end...

Sing it with me! Never give up! The power of intention, the spirit of community, the love of our planet, all this has allowed us to prevail!


Sunday, November 27, 2016

To your health and the health of our planet!

Cheers my dears, it's been a long time. 

I know, I know! I stopped blogging here ages ago and I have no real right to ask you to read now, but I have something urgent that needs to be shared and there are a few more of you here than on my other wee blog. So I do hope you'll indulge me...

I want to broach this subject in the most respectful and inclusive manner possible. Here in the west, and by west I mean Canada, America, Europe, Australia, we take clean air and fresh water for granted. This is in Alberta, Canada. Isn't it magnificent?

Can you imagine big business wanting to run an oil pipeline through the middle of this? It would seem unthinkable wouldn't it? Imagine the environmental and ecological disaster if that pipeline were to burst. I really want you to take a moment to think about that.

You must know that I am now talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Did you know that an earlier plan for the Pipeline called for the project to cross the Missouri River north of Bismarck North Dakota, but the bid was rejected due to the potential threat to Bismarck's water supply? Yep, it was nixed because the risk was too great. 

So why then is it okay for the Pipeline to cross through the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation? Through their waterways and lakes?

This is beautiful Lake Oahe.

Lake Oahe is the main source of drinking water for Standing Rock. The Dakota Access Pipeline wants to run through this area. This IS NOT OKAY! 

There are many people standing with Standing Rock to try and prevent this from happening. Social media is raising awareness, but we can do more than post pictures and list hashtags. Many of us have families and jobs and other responsibilities that prevent us from going to stand with these brave men and women, but there are still things we can do. 

These are not models, these are real, beautiful women. Protectors of the water! It's people like them who have been blasted with water canons in sub-zero temperatures, fired upon with tear gas and rubber bullets. Do they look violent or unruly to you?

The first and most important thing you can do to help stop these atrocities is to educate yourself. Please take a moment to watch this small VIDEO posted by Teen Vogue and reposted by Indigenous Designer Bethany Yellowtail... I promise you that it's short and absolutely worth it! No propaganda here, just the facts.

And then, if you feel moved to action as I was, please donate to the camp. The army is threatening to shut them down by December 5th. The water protectors need winter supplies and you can donate to help them. Please. Don't be complacent about this, our entire planet is connected through water. We are all responsible for the health of Mother Earth and you can do something right now, today. 

This is a great LINK that will give you information and options, or if you want to go directly from here to send help straight to Oceti Sakowin Camp, they have a Paypal fund set up HERE. It could not be easier to lend your support and every single penny helps.

Thank you so much for taking the time.
My very best,

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tracy Anderson Live Stream Review!

Twas the night before New Year's Eve and all through my place,
The sounds of live stream were humming with bass...

Yeah I did! I signed up. You can check out my review post of Tracy Anderson's Live Stream workout HERE!.

Lovz Ya!