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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Start spreadin' the news....

Sing it with me. Start spreadin' the news. I'm leaving today... Well actually not today, but two weeks from now. I am so over-the-moon excited to share with you that I will be in New York City for the New York premiere of my film EMPIRE OF DIRT on May 8th at the Smithsonian NMAI!

For more info you can check out the Smithsonian's site HERE!

The film starts at 6pm and admission is free. My producer and I have been invited to attend for a Q and A after the screening. AND if that wasn't enough incentive to come out and say hi, I'm also bringing He Who Shall Not Be Named! 

Just so jazzed about coming to the city! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter lovelies!

Saw three little hummingbirds floating outside my window today, an auspicious sign if ever there was one. I don't know what it is, but I feel like something good is on the way.

These are not them, (obviously) but wanted you to have a visual.

Such amazing little creatures, they feel like my Easter miracle.

Hope you all enjoy the day today, time with family or friends, or some alone time to reflect. Take the day and enjoy the good things your life has to offer, it may be something as close as the view outside your window or the love you feel in your heart.

We have ten days left in this month, whatever treats we may indulge in today, lets stick to our workouts and finish strong!

Big hugs

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You feeling determined?

It's been a week without posting, but I've been thinkin' boutcha. How are you all doing with your April resolutions to be determined? Have you been hitting your goals? Have you been exceeding your very own expectations?

I'll be frank with you and letcha know that April has not been the easiest of months. It's been 13 days since I made the commitment to kick sugar, but guess what? PMS got the best of me. On two of those 13 days, I had a bit of dark chocolate. Four squares to be exact. 120 calories in total. At first I thought, fuck! Epic fail. Why can't I do this?!? Cuss, curse, expletive, more fucks, kick, tantrum... and then... I had an epiphany! I managed to only have a tiny bite when I was absolutely desperate and miserable and then I carried on. I didn't cave or binge. 

Most importantly, I didn't throw in the towel. That's the way to change your life.

I know someone else out there... yeah I'm talking about you Natalia... who also had a bit of dark chocolate and some healthy organic peanut butter... You took what you needed to feel satisfied and then you carried on.

You didn't throw in the towel. You're changing your life!

So many of you have commented over the years about the 80/20 rule. Be good 80% of the time, then you can have a little treat. As long as you don't exceed 20% of the bad stuff you should be good. Moderation was always the trickiest thing for me. Dark chocolate was merely the gateway that led to milk chocolate then to cookies and ice cream and all sorts.

Perhaps for the first time in my life, I am finding control. (said the junkie! ha!

I am still firmly seated on the wagon. No sugar today. No plans for it next week or during Easter. But if it should so happen that I am absolutely impossible to live with and having a single square or two of choc will make me more pleasant to be around... then I won't rule it out.

As for the workouts - happy to say I'm still hitting the mat. It's not getting easier, but I feel I am getting stronger.

Good luck to all of you. Don't give up. There's still a lot of April in front of us!