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Friday, March 25, 2011

Twenty Five Already?

Holy cow, the past twenty-five days have flown by. I must pay attention or it will all be over and I'll wonder where it went. As hard as this is, I do love a good process. Nuts, I know. I get that a lot.

So I don't know what it's like where you are today, but we are in full spring mode out here on the West Coast and with that comes spring fever and the desire to have fun, take it easy, cruise into the weekend and the good times. Plus it's my beloved's birthday weekend and you know what that means?? CAKE! Wooooooooooo! I luv me some cake. Wow, need to get a bit of a grip there.

A more-sane committed individual might say to herself, Shan, there's going to be cake tonight and you'll be dining in a restaurant so there will likely be wine and other naughty things too. You might want to think about going the extra mile on your workout today, no? Puh-leeeze. Have I ever given you the impression that I'm a sane person. I'm like a crazy person only more so.

I didn't want to work out. I wanted to go out. I felt like getting some new shoes. Which of course I can't because I'm not only on a diet and exercise program I am also trying desperately to become a frugalista. (Your blog didn't bloody help that along too much did it, Andi? All those clothes and shoes and pretty things.) 

My trick all along has been bribery. I sometimes beg and bully myself to get my butt onto the mat, but usually bribery works best. So I told myself that if I did my muscular structure, I could ....put off.... my cardio until later in the day. (Whatever, don't judge me I did what I had to do) 

Do you remember me telling you yesterday that level three's workout is so hard it made me sick? It's a bit like giving birth I think. You suffer through it and then the baby's born and you forget all about it. It's like your memory's been wiped clean. Evidently that's what happened because I got going on the workout and I'm thinking this isn't too bad. Except of course that I look like a total weirdo doing these arm movements. But then it's time for the legs. I get on all fours and I pause the dvd because for the life of me I cannot remember the first exercise. That's strange. I search my mind for any hint. Nope. Not a chance. I literally have no idea. Oh goody, it's going to be a surprise and I am in the early stages of dementia. Isn't aging fun?

I resume play and she tells me to put my right foot on the outside of my right hand and then it all comes flooding back - even the sick feeling. I don't want to do this?! 

I beg, I plead, but the voice in my head reminds me that I don't have to do cardio..... until later. I sucked it up and managed to get to the end but by that time I had such a sweat on that I was gonna have to take a shower anyway. May as well get the cardio out of the way while I was at it. Sneaky ass little voice in my head! 

I did it, but I didn't like it and just to illustrate my defiance, I free-styled almost the whole way through. Yeah, like Tracy's gonna care!

Once it was all said and done, I was glad that I'd done it so I'll be free to go on and have some cake tonight. But I got to thinking, what can I possibly write about that might inspire anybody else who's feeling this way today, because frankly writing -  do it, you'll feel better ain't gonna cut it when you're in that mood. I got to thinking. Motivation. Where does it come from? Then my head went back to shoes, the lovely shoes that I'll not get to shop for, which then led me to Jennifer Lopez. How'd I make that leap? Well...

I am not a huge fan of Jenny from the block, but she's got one song that I guarantee you will stick in your head and have you tapping a toe by the end. If you don't know it, it starts out kinda so so - but watch to the end - you might be glad you did. And if it doesn't get your groove on, it will mos def get you in the mood for new shoes.


Last thing, let's all be grateful that our cardio is not choreographed by Jay Lo, shall we? I betcha we could totally do these moves, ladies. 

Have a great weekend.


  1. Haha, I love it! Sorry for the extra temptation :)
    Happy Birthday to your beloved, enjoy that cake and wine, I think you've damn well earned it!

    Question: do you do the full 30 minutes of cardio every day? You're so good. I feel like such a dope bouncing around like that, not to mention I need like 3 sports bras to contain myself, lol.

    Love the birth analogy, I will definitely have to keep this in mind when I hit a wall.

    Enjoy the weekend, you definitely deserve it!

  2. It's my beloved's birthday today too! We had pie, nothing to crazy. He's a resident and on call, so I had wine, while he had water. Sorry T, had to celebrate :)

  3. Shan,
    can you tell me again what Tracy said about who should do the cardio first and who should start with the muscular structure work?! Can´t find your comment bout that anymore ;(

  4. Hey Shan!

    Well, I did my first day of Meta today. I've gotta say, I have never been so defeated by a 30min strengthening work out in my life. I had to stop during the legs routine a few times! I always thought I was in decent shape, minus the fat gut, but apparently not!

    Now onto the cardio... I hate that cardio DVD!! I was way too confident going into it. I generally like cardio. And I'm a Zumba instructor, I can totally do 30min dance cardio no problem. WRONG! Everything is tiny jumps! It's not really dancing, it's jumping, and I cannot jump with coordination. I know understand how my students feel when I throw a new routine at them.

    Well, I got through it. Tomorrow I just have the strengthening because I have a 3hour Zumba choreography session so I figured that counts as enough cardio for the day.

    Badass Anderson indeed...

  5. UGH, Yes Andi, I force myself to do the blasted 30 minutes, but I am telling you, I think I burn more calories cussing Tracy out than I do actually jumping around. But I am doing it more and more on my trampoline so it's way easier. Have you tried that? Although a rebounder may cause even more problems for your girls! Strap those babies in or you'll give yourself a black eye.
    Hey Victoria, how cool is that? I am seeing that we all have so much more in common than just the Method. Hope you enjoyed that wine and pie, I sure did love the wine and cake! Eeeeeee. Feel like a badass now.

  6. Hey Martie-
    If you are someone who has difficulty with weight and a predisposition to weigh gain, Tracy suggested that you do MS first followed by cardio. If you're naturally thin, cardio should be first followed by MS so you can hold the contraction throughout the day. I say, do what allows you to get it done. Initially I took her advice and started with cardio, but found I could hardly get through MS - so I've changed it up and now it works better for me. Gotta just find your own groove baby.

    Oh Lauren. I laughed. Did I laugh! The first time I did transform 1, a lot of the time was spent sitting on my heels going WTF?! How many does she want? What did she just do? You're gonna catch up really quickly through, it's almost shocking and you do have a leg up on the rest of us with your Zumba skills. You're in good shape now, but once Tracy gets her hooks into you, you'll be in great shape! She's the muffin top slayer, remember.

  7. Ok, so I started the workout today because I had the time.....HOLY CRAP! I didn't even get through the whole cardio because I think I had a mini heartattack about 20 minutes in! But that's better than nothing, right? I know that I did most of it wrong but I got my heart rate up that is for sure! The MS wasn't too bad but I didn't get all the reps in that Tracy does down, 89 to go!?!??!!?

  8. Steph you absolutely crack me up. I hear you about the mini-heart attack. I'd like to say it gets easier but honestly, one day it does and the next you can feel like you're back at square one. But the point is you're on it now, buddy! The only way to go is up, this is our Everest remember?

  9. Thanks for the encouragement....I need it!!! I am a little sore today around the shoulders and the hips but not too bad. I am dreading the spaz attack a.k.a. the cardio again tonight but as long as the door is shut and no one sees I will be okay. I do plan on looking into getting the mini trampoline because I don't think my knees are going to fair well...I'll keep you posted!

  10. Spaz attack? Have you been watching me? ha ha, sounds like we come from the same dance background! you hang in there Steph, it gets easier-ish.