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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chi Meegwetch! D157-C2-L1

Chi Meegwetch! It means thanks very much. (It's Ojiway, since we don't have a common word for Thanks in Cree, at least not that I know of, so we use that.) I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Even though it's only Thanksgiving in America, it doesn't mean that those of us outside of the U.S. can't take a moment to share our gratitude and that's exactly what I want to do with you today.

I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. I didn't start this blog to change the world, or save some much deserving animal from extinction (although if anybody dabbled with eating a vegetarian meal because of it, I consider that success), I didn't start it to bring attention to a terrible tragedy in a far away place. I wish I were that big. 

Truth is,  I am a really simple girl. I was struggling with myself. How I fed myself and took care of me and the ways in which I saw myself. I needed to change and wanted to be accountable to that change. Blogging became my tool to do that.

So first and foremost I am hugely indebted to and thankful for Tracy Anderson. She's an amazing woman with so much heart and spirit. Her spirit transcends the television screen and jumps right off the pages of her book and touches the heart of every single person who trusts her enough to let her transform them.

Because of Tracy, this blog had a purpose, and one by one, you all showed up and you continue to show up, not just here, but to your own mats and dance floors and kitchens in towns and cities in countries around the world and our community keeps growing. You have all touched me in ways words can never fully express. But they are tangible ways that have changed my life one little habit at a time.

Just yesterday, I was exhausted and achy, still lying in bed thinking up excuses for skipping my workout. Then I remembered Trish's comment about how level one of Continuity 2 was kicking her ass too, but she thought about how after day three, things get easier so she pushed through. So I got up and I pushed through too.

Do you really have any idea how much I am touched by your daily comments? How knowing that you're doing this too gets me through? Well I am telling you now. Thank you for making a difference in my life every single day. Chi Meegwetch! 

And if that's not enough, I awoke today to a link from Tracy's blog with her message to all of us. I was so inspired. It's why I love her, why we love her. So thought I'd share her message with you here. Enjoy.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my amazing clients! I couldn’t be more thankful for each of you allowing me to teach and work with you while designing your body. I am so grateful that we’ve been able to make Metamorphosis possible and to give you the gift of consistently being able to look and feel your best. You work so hard, so please enjoy today!

Thanksgiving is a time for family, acceptance, and being thankful for all of the special gifts we have. With understanding gratitude, we are able to accept and appreciate things about ourselves that we sometimes are too hard on or we view from the wrong perspective. My mission and intention is for you to love and appreciate yourself. To be grateful for what you have and treat it with the beauty and attention you deserve to be the best you can be naturally. We are all different; that is what makes us each special in this world! Its my job to provide you the tools to transform into letting YOU shine.

I hope you will all enjoy plates and plates of wonderful food and a day filled with everyone you love! As always, we will be here to support you through the holidays in order for you to enjoy while not losing your results. By being consistent with your workouts my muscular design is already getting ingrained in your bodies and is can’t be undone by enjoying holiday meals! The good news is anything that comes on quick we get off quick, so stay tuned for the after each holiday meal plan and exercise boost.
Lots of Love!

Exciting isn't it? I wonder what the "after holiday meal plan and exercise boost" will be? Guess we'll have to stay tuned. Happy Thanksgiving, no matter where you are.



  1. Shan,
    Your message brought tears to my eyes! I just had a wonderful meal with my family (4 of us total) we didn't travel but stayed home this year. Earlier today, I did TA, straightened up a bit, made the traditional Thanksgiving meal, took a lovely walk with my family. Then sat down and enjoyed the wonderful food. With gratitude. We went around the table and said what we were thankful for, my hubby was thankful that I am a great cook, my oldest for his friends and great home, my youngest..for the yummy food and the pumpkin pie that he made last night and has been DYING for ALL day! I was thankful for having such a wonderful family who puts up with me even when I'm not so great.
    Which leads me to you thinking of me on the morning you didn't feel like exercising, but you did. Everytime I am on the mat, even today, as I was pushing through another balanced leg lift in plank with one weight AND leg in the air, I thought of you and Jah, and everyone else who shows up on their mat day in and day out, on love days and hate days. You all are my inspiration, you never know what comment or insight you may say that touches someone else in a way that transforms something in their life. Everyday I am amazed at our committement, our dedication and our caring for ourselves and each other. Thank you. You will never know how we touch each other, but we do.

    As for Tracy's message. Her messages alway come from the heart. You can't not think of her standing next to you, with her arm around you. She's our friend, she won't let us down. So here's to another small helping of dressing, or a slice of pumpkin pie.... just for today. And Shan, like you I am eager to see what she has in store for us!!! "After the holiday plan and exercise boost!" Bring it on!!!!! We are ready and strong. Thank you Shan for sharing all that is you, for creating and continuing this blog, and for being a huge inspiration to all of us.

    Off topic..**One question... is your Level 1.2 cardio 30 or 45 minutes? On the breakdown it says 45, but mine is only 30. Maybe a typo.

    I love you all. Enjoy your family, friends and loved ones. Thanks for all being YOU!

  2. I forgot, Bellicon sent me a "black friday" email. They are having up to 130 dollars off some things. I'm still saving, but thought someone else might want to know. Also, they have 2 new demo videos to watch. I know I was thinking, not the Bellicon, but now I am pretty sure the Bellicon is it! "Exercise candy"

  3. thank you Shannon for such amazing words, yet again.
    I am so thankful for Tracy and for everyone, the forum.... it makes such a difference to know that you are not doing this alone.
    I am specially thankful to you Shan because you make us so connected you get to put in writing everything that goes on our mind our struggles with our bodies, our struggles with food, our struggles with the exercises. I wake up every morning and run to the computer to see if you have posted anything and when you do, I grab my cup of coffee, I wait until I'm finally alone to read your blog and it's great. Also, another favourite of mine is every time I start a new level I look at your thoughts of that level first before I preview it, this way I know what to expect.
    Tricia is right, you are an inspiration, the best!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!!

  4. Girl Friend! Chi Meegwetch! Shan, way to go, thanks for the dynamite blog today. America and Canada are sisters for sure. And, Happy Thanksgiving everyone... Mine was a bit wierd but still am very thankful for everytning as I sit here typing away. And, yes, Shan you are so right, sometimes just a word from someone here gives you the added inspiration to get our sorry a**es up and do TAM. Trica already said everything so well...way, to go Girl Friend too! You really are all my girl friends, something I didn't expect from this blog. I'm thankful for all of you too this Thanksgiving.
    Now, I have to tell you what happened today to me, and Trica I'm so jealous of your lovely Thanksgiving you described above, I have had many similar to that, and they are so perfect, but that wasn't what happened to me today... Anyway, I bought all organic everything for this Thanksgiving, the bloody turkey cost $40.00 (American paper money), it was only going to be me and he who can't be mentioned, another unusual occurance. I awoke this morning and made some real nice buckwheat pancakes (Meta's don't look, close your eyes!!! I mean it!!!) , dollar size, and some eggs to go's Thanksgiving! Yeah! Was so yummy, all the while thinking of how the day was going to go down, cooking-wise. Well, my he who can't be mentioned was acting pretty quiet, soooo, I said, "What's up?" He said, "The cows need water on the ranch, I forgot the time and I see that they need it today." Ok, well, our ranch in about 2 hours from our little apartment in Small Town America (we stay at the apt while I'm working, which is basically always). The cows at a certain spot on the ranch, (and remember this is the desert) needed to have some water pumped so that they could get a drink. He said, "I can go and be back later." Well, I knew it would take him at least 6 hours or more, he would have to pump some other wells as well as long as he was out there. So I said, "Let's go exercise at the gym and then go, think of the calories we will save anyway." So, we went to the gym (Anytime Fitness, big deal in STA!, lucky to have it here) and had a great work out. I love the mirrors there, they help me do such a better workout. So Thanksgiving C1/L4/D9 went down in a big way. Our plan for after we got back was to go to a certain casino and eat their Thanksgiving spread. Well, long story short, the ranch was absolutley gorgeous today, a picture of western Americana cowboy culture and the cows were Thankful to see us and we got the job done. But, when we got back at 8:00 pm there was no dinner, the casino had sold it out!!! Everything else in STA was closed, as they should be for Thanksgiving... So, guess what we had for dinner an, an...omelet and some Fincrisp! Yep, that's it. I did put a little catsup on the omlet and my husband had cheese. And you know what, I don't care, those eggs tasted darn good! Calorie-wise I'm way ahead! Not sure I need the post-detox Shan, maybe next year. Although, I do have eat that Turkey for Christmas...
    Happy Thanksgiving, JAH

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all concerned. I live in France so not being tempted by lots of lovely food....YET...Christmas will soon be on us though!

    I also wnated to thank Shan for her fantastic blog - you have really helped motivate me to get back on the Tracy wagon after a first false start. Thank you.

    I have only been back at it about a month (doing Mat, PP and rebounding). Today I felt like maybe things had shifted a bit so I tried on a pair of jeans that I could barely wriggle into, and certainly couldn't do up, a month ago. I couldn't believe it, but they went on AND they did up! Okay so there was a serious muffin top situation going on but we'll get to that......

  6. Happy Thanksgiving ! No such day here in France, but I'm thankfull for Tracy, for you girls that keep up our motivation everyday with your blog updates, for the wordefull Tamily on the FB comunities ! This is a great international bonding link that really makes us wanna share our experiences with "strangers", that aren't allreday cuz going everyday through the same expedience of 1 sweating hour on a mat facing an energetic blondie on a screen ! lol! As tracy says just enjoy and tomorrow start fresh ! ;)

  7. Great to hear from those in other parts of the world, we all are somehow wonderfully connected by Tracy. Keep at it, the muffin tops are next and keep visualizing yourself as teeny-tiny, you will be.
    Ok, I tried something different today, I got up a 5:00 a.m. and did Tracy before work instead of after, it was my last day of C1L4, I will miss the Egyptian arms workout part (you wills see what I mean everyone when you get there). I'm not really a morning person but apparently I can do it. Was stiffer and not quite as energectic as at night, but it gets the workout out of the way and I think I will everntually get more energectic as my body adapts. I feel real good right now, I'm at work, and I'm in some new workpants I bought and they are feeling great. Tracy says that you will feel good in your clothes, how I love that part!
    Also, I loved 'The Biggest Loser' on Tuesday night at 8:00 pm and then they had the Thanksgiving Special on Wednesday evening, was really a treat. Hope some of the rest of you got to watch them too, very motivational.
    Ok, back to the rocks!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving from the UK. I loved reading all the thank you storie--with and withiutnturkey.

    Shan-- it can't beceasy putting yourself out there and being so honest, but also trying to support and cheer us. So grateful to you though for all the time and thought you put into this special project of yours. It was what pushed me to give Tracy a try, and I'm so glad I did. Trying to pass itbon to others.

    My Thanksgiving included trying to teach family about Tdat-from pumpki pie to mashed potatoes. It was very special.

    As for Tracy-as before, the increased endurance I had helped with the jet lag and travel fatigue. Trips to the UK are usually overnight-hard. But I managed to sleep on the plane, and bake two pies the next day. A small thing but it meant I could help my mother in law prepare and not just show up exhausted.

    Another small thing-i have always hated taking my shoes off at airport security. I am hip centric with short legs. Taking my shoes off meant my legs were even shorter which meant my hips were wider. Now? I don't care.

    I've managed to keep working out (using 1.5 liter bottles of water! Thanks Bee). I really listened to what Tracy says about the cardio. She makes it clear-build up endurance, watch your diet and do the mat at first to lose weight and startbto shape your body. Once you can really do the cardio, it will keep your metabolism charged up and keep the weight off. I really see this starti g to work. Love that I keep learning more about this method.

    JAH, I am not a morning person. Never was. But I get up now at 6 or so and workout first thing. I love it. Workout is out of the way. I'm energized. The rest of the day can be spent on the rest of the day. With jet lag coming back from japan I had to break up the 30 minute sections a few times. I missed getting everything done in the morning. It's changed my life for the better.

    Moving forward-thinking of shannon's vision board and how this method has helped me with depression, post partum, etc. Am thinking of what my new year resolutions will be and feel like I want to take them seriously. Look a Shan-making a real move and moving forward. Change isn't just about thenoutside-wellness is on the inside too. I feel like Tracy has a parallel checklist-each day I do my mat and card, and then there are changes taking place inside too.does anyone else feel that way?

    Anyway-I do know I will have some extra calories to burn. Starch here. Fewer fruits and veg. But for once I dont feel upset about this. I know I can burn it off.

  9. Jah, it sounds like you had a perfect Thanksgiving. You were with the one you loved and surrounded by beautiful scenery. It can't get any better than that.... Your day was great even without your organic turkey. (Food is only a tradition, sounds like your eggs were fabulous!) And the best part, you will probably ALWAYS remember this Thanksgiving. How many traditional ones do you remember?

    What kind of rebounder do you use? Shan and I are thinking of the Bellicon.

  10. Notebook, Glad you aren't a monrning person either! Ooops, but, we have to stop saying that right? New Mantra: I am a morning person. I am a morning person! I AM A MORNING PERSON!!!! We are now born again morning people...whole new life. Gee, that was much easier than the workouts... And thanks so much for the encouragement above. Bee, is going Morning Person with us too...
    Trica, You too. Thanks for all your encouragement, you are really a trail blazer with Tracy! And I see on C1/L5/D1 that the arms are the same as L4. I think this was intentional, that routine is a bit tough to get down totally and my arms, even without the weights get pretty tired on the second go-round (she does the whole arms routine twice in levels C1/L4-5). I know you and Shan have discussed that here before. However, the legs and abs are some killers in L5.
    Morning Person, JAH

  11. Thank you Shan and TAM ladies for all of the inspiration and support. I am so happy to have this blog as well as Tracy to help me in my transformation. I am glad to hear that everyone had a good holiday. I was at work (I am an ICU RN) but was able to have an amazing dinner with my family when I got home felt like Thanksgiving.
    Jah, I too enjoyed the Biggest Loser episodes this week and am soooo looking forward to makeover week..whoothoot!! I wish all of us TAMers could get a makeover week! :)
    Much love to all, and thank you to this amazing group of women for keeping me going. I am not sure if I would be this far into the program if it weren't for this blog and the community!!

  12. Hi Tricia. I use an oldish rebounder that my cousin gave me years ago. I think it is quite a good one though because my cousin was very heavy and very overweight when she used it and, it is in perfect condition still.

    The Bellicons look amazing - I would like to try one though before I spent that kind of money on a rebounder. I know you can get them with different levels of bounciness but I do wonder if they are too soft for a Tracy type workout? I have watched a couple of videos on youtube with the two (wonderfully sweet) Bellicon ladies, and it does look like a particular type of workout that suits their rebounder.

    I'm perfectly happy with the one I've got - only issue is, having had 2 kids, my pelvic floor is, um, challenged, by high bouncing. I do kegels and stuff but I think rebounding in itself works the pelvic floor - you just need to take it slow with the high bouncing!!

    Like many others here, I am NOT a morning person. I have a list of things that I imagine one has to do in order to be considered a proper dedicated TAMer. Working out at some ungodly time of the morning is one of them, 30 day BC is another, as is puréeing parsnips!

    I have done NONE of the above so far. I'm starting out slowly with Mat, PP (ahh it kills), rebounding and trying to eat pretty clean. I don't have a lot of weight to lose (about 10/15 pounds) but I'm pretty out of shape due to a bad back following my last child.

    I might do BC after Christmas - I almost feel like it is a sort of initiation process into the method and that I would be missing out on something it I didn't do it. It is spooky how Tracy gets to you - I have the 30 day book and I remember first reading it and thinking there is NO WAY I am putting myself through that. Now I feel sort of drawn to the idea....I tell you that Tracy is like a tiny cute white witch!

  13. Thank fioana,
    I too have had a bad low back, worse after kids. I did yoga for about 4 years and that helped a lot, I think all the stretching kept my muscles from becoming too tight. I also go to the chiropractor when I feel a twitch. I was very very concerned with doing TA. I was afraid I'd throw my back out with all the crazy angles and moves. But to my surprise it was the opposite. Although TA has your leg up, you're on your elbow, so no pain or strain. Also, I have found that working and strengthening the accessory muscles have diminished 99% of any backpain I have had. My sacrum was always loose, and TA has tightened it up so it doesn't tilt out of joint. So, take it slow, you might be pleasantly surprised! I was.
    Thanks for the info on the rebounder. Yea those twins that jump on the bellicon have a workout made for the bellicon. It looks so squishy. I do like that it is soooo big. I worry about a small diameter tramp and bouncing off or twisting my ankle, or accidentally jumping through the springs. TA is pretty high energy on the tramp.
    Do you find you have enough jumping surface? Anyone else have info on tramps?

  14. Hey, just finished my early morning workout about 10 min ago. This really is progress for me but I just am in love with having my evenings off, translated: The whip that gets me up out of bed and the bod that keeps me happy.
    MariaO, I'm so looking forward to makeover week too! Maybe we should all think in terms of a mini-makeover that week, at least get our eyebrows waxed or something?
    That Tramp workout Tracy is planning looks pretty scary to me, I think I might stay on the ground! Do any of you bounce right off?
    Ok, got to get my bath and go to work!
    Morning Person Again, JAH

  15. Jah, I do the MS in the AM and the cardio right when I get home from work. I love my nights to myself and my family. So here's to the AM! Its a great way to start your day! YOU GO!

  16. Tricia, Hi, again. I think I have done something to my lower back now. I lifted some heavy core boxes (large flat boxes that hold 3" diameter cylinders of solid rock drilled out of the ground which weigh about 60 lbs each) the other day and this morning while doing my first and second high kick during cardio my back was way too tight to do it and it hurt, I had noticed I was a bit stiff in the warm up but attributed it to early morning stiffness, it has now gotten worse during the day. Luckily tomorrow is my rest day. I'm worried about it, and what to do for it, my back has always been so strong, no problems. I knew I shouldn't have lifted that core though!!! Stupid! I thought I had gotten away with it, but, apparently not. I don't generally have to lift the core, I have people who do that for me. No one was around let me know what is good to help it get better besides going to the chiro? Anyone?
    Help, JAH

  17. JAH, sorry to hear that you hurt your back. Definitely alternate between ice and heat right now. No more than 20 min of each at a time. Alternate every hour. A epsom salt bath might help too...gentle stretching and Aleve is the best OTC for muscle aches/stiffness. I hear about AM workouts. I am so bummed, I set my alarm to workout before work this morning (0415) and got up to discover no power!!! So, I didn't get my workout it and I have no motivation after a 12hr work shift..ughh...hope tomorrow is better. I feel like my results are slipping away!

  18. Jah, sorry to hear about your back, I have also a strained muscle in my back and I find that putting heat where it hurts helps. So far acupuncture is the only thing that works for me because it solves the problem after 1 session. I actually need to book an hour asap because I have a heated cherry pit pad on my back as we speak because I'm in agony!!!!!!. So here, you have a partner in pain on the other side of the world!!!!
    Try the chiro or the acupuncture I'm sure either one will help, I just find faster results using acupuncture.. good luck!!!

  19. MariaO, Thanks for the advice. I will try them, you being an RN helps for sure. A friend at work had me cross my arms across my chest and then lifted me from the back while bending me backwards, heard a few pops and it seems like my back has been a bit better. Still sore. Tomorrow is my rest day so that should help too.
    Those 12 hour shifts are almost prohibitory, no time, and I guess about the only time you can do TAM is in the morning, I'm sure you don't feel like it when you get home! Do you work 4 days straight? and then have 3 off? Or are you on a different schedule? Try and keep at it somehow, it is so good for you. Again, thanks for the advice.

  20. Undercover, I'm getting my hot pad right now... Hope you get better too! Thanks, JAH

  21. Hey Tricia. I have found that my lower back pain has been better since I started the Method too. It can only be a good thing to lose the extra weight and build muscle.

    I find my standard rebounder big enough - probably the biggest movement I do is the jumping jack. In the beginning I did find the surface small, but that was more down to my precision and control than the actual movements. I worked with a mirror directed at my feet at first so that I could judge the width of movements and not fall off! I do sometimes touch the cover that goes over the springs, but it doesn't hurt/damage the rebounder.

    I don't do Tracy's TelAviv video - it is too hard for me just now. I just bounce around and freestyle and try to do as many different moves as possible. I try to keep my arms really active too - lots of punching and Saturday Night Fever style pointing! (And Oh yes I do really 'perform' so look completely and utterly RIDICULOUS!)

    When I'm not feeling motivated, I just get on the thing and dance on the spot with a bit of bouncing, I still sweat and get out of breath.

    JAH - hope your back feels better soon. Gentle stretching like bringing your each knee up to your chest one at a time with the other leg stretched out straight (lying on your back) may help loosen things - this is what the osteopath gets me to do before exercising.

  22. Notebook of TrivialitiesNovember 28, 2011 at 5:54 AM

    JAH--Hope the back is better. I'm late to respond, but definitely heat and light stretching. You say you are feeling better--that's a good sign. I did something to my back a few weeks ago while traveling. I was wrestling with my son. I freaked out--I had luggage to carry and a 13 hour plane ride. But I do believe that Tracy's program has helped to strengthen my back and the damage was not as bad as it might have been. I was able to keep working out and now, about 3 weeks later (or maybe it is 2, can't remember), the pain is nearly gone. I am hoping the same for you--with an ever faster healing time. I do think that TA's moves are carefully designed to protect the lower back, though this can be hard sometimes with some of the ab moves (I think the ones called pikes?). You can protect yourself by putting your hands under the small of your back.

    Anyway--now I'm home and battling jet lag, though much less severe this time. I started Level 7 this morning. I love it. If I had seen a preview of these moves a few weeks ago, I would have wondered how I would have managed to do them--so many planks. But levels 5 and 6 really do prepare you. Meta is so well thought out. But I was dripping in sweat. Then my family was awake and I had to stop before doing DC to get breakfast ready. Hoping to get in my DC tomorrow.

    Holidays are really starting now. I'm looking forward to them! Also--I ended up eating whatever whenever in the UK. When you are a guest, it really feels wrong to reject what you are given due to a diet. So, I ate my potatoes (lots and lots) and bread and cheese. I seem not to have gained any weight which, again, I attribute to the DC.

    Happy Monday! Although, Shan, now that I know about your Tuesday rules, when I am feeling down about Mondays (the week ahead looks so long), I comfort myself by saying that tomorrow I will feel better. And I hope you are adjusting and not too tired. New jobs always exhaust me. We are all rooting for you.

    PS--Fiona--you have such a lovely "voice" in your comments. FWIW, I never did Boot Camp or any of the purees. I was too afraid. I, too, feel like I ought to do BC to have done it. I never would have become a morning person (I'm a morning person, JAH), except that working out in the AM really has helped me to organize my time better, and be a better team player for my family. Remember how Tracy says that her workout will impact all areas of our lives? I'm starting to really think that this is true. I mean--here's this one hour a day workout. I'm really starting to be able to do this workout as I'm supposed to. And it's making me look at my life and try to figure out what else I can better, more efficiently, more honestly, etc.

  23. Notebook of TrivialitiesNovember 28, 2011 at 5:55 AM

    PS--I meant hoping to get in DC later today (as I try to remain accountable . . . )

  24. Thanks everyonne for your comments and suggestions. My back is a bit better today after rest, it would be hard to workout I think, but maybe not... Notebook, you worked out through your back episode so hopefully I can too, will see tomorrow morning. No high kicks though!!! And yea, I knew you meant today, you wouldn't hardly miss a workout I don't think. Smile. You have been TAMerized.
    Have a great day everyone.

  25. Jah,
    If and when you hurt anything, ice is the best, no longer than 20 minutes at a time. Take it easy, it might just be a combination of lifting and starting a new level. I know when I start a new level I am flailing around with minimal control, compared to day 4-10. I am always a little sore. So just know to take it easy and pay attention to your form. If it hurts stop. You'll feel better in no time. A day off is great too.
    Notebook.... yes doing TAM helps you focus the rest of your life too. I think we all see the benefits just not in our bodies, but in our moods, the spring in our step, maybe a more positive attitude with a little "bad-ass" I can do anything attitude too! It not only effects us but our job, family and friends. Great comment.
    where's Shan? I think this post has the most comments! We miss you Shan.

  26. OMG - it's a freakin' love fest on here! Hey everybody, so glad you're all taking care of each other. Sorry to be so MIA - life's mad at the moment and not looking like slowing down any time soon.

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments. You're the best. As for the injured ladies - I hope you get feeling better. Ice the acute injury, heat the sore muscles and remember how important rest is to recovery. Plus don't forget to stretch.

    I do have a cheapy rebounder which I love. It's not huge and I haven't had problems with falling off - but it's noisy so I'd love the bellicon for it's quiet jump and larger jumping surface, but the jury is still out on whether it can be used for Tracy's workout or not. We'll see.


  27. Question---Where the heck do you find chestnuts?? I have checked my health food stores, large groceries stores. Is is the same as water chestnuts? Is there something I can use as a substitution?

  28. Rachelle,
    Here is a link to some that Tracy likes:
    Otherwise, google "chestnuts tracy anderson" and you get several options.

  29. Notebook of Trivialities - thank you, what a nice thing to say.

    "Smile. You have been TAMerized." Really made me laugh JAH. Hope the back is better soon.

    Shan such thanks for providing us with this space for the love-fest. I'm DETERMINED to keep up with TAM this time so you will probably be hearing a lot from me! I need the support and the group motivation thang.

    Exciting news for me - yesterday I did my first workout (Mat + 30mins rebounder) where I wasn't absolutely DYING and was able to actually enjoy myself. Could feel a bit of muscle working and cross vectors and everythink!! Progress has finally been made. I'll be doing BC and meta before ya know it....

  30. Rachelle this is the season for chestnuts, usually not an easy thing to find. But as they are in season around thanksgiving and christmas - ask at your grocery store - you can even sing the carol - chestnuts roasting on an open fire - okay, don't do that, they might be frightened. good luck.

    thanks Jah.

    Fiona - I am so excited to hear about your renewed determination. Way to go on the excellent progress!!

  31. Jah, hope the back is feeling better! Thanks for the support :)

  32. Rachelle, if you have a Trader Joe's in the area, you can get chestnuts there in the refrigerator section. The are in a box, vaccum sealed, cooked and peeled.